Matrix expands services to include Engineering and Product Development

In response to growing Client requests, Matrix has expanded its Team to include Engineering Services, including Mechanical Engineering, 3D CAD modeling, 2D drawings, prototyping, and bench-top verification testing. This expanded capability offers Matrix and its Clients more vertical integration and immediate responsiveness to its Medical Device Product Development Services.

“We typically work closely with our Clients to identify contract or internal Client resources for Engineering support. However, with a growing list of Projects, having internal Matrix resources to leverage and deploy has become a necessity,” said Stephanie Harrington, CEO and Founder. “Fortunately, with more than 20 years in Medical Devices, with Product Development, here in NE Ohio, I’ve had the privilege of working with many creative and sharp Medical Device Engineers, so identifying candidates was easy.”

Paul Erickson, Mechanical Engineer, MS, now joins Matrix as a Principal Consultant, Mechanical Engineering Design and Program Lead. Matrix plans on adding an additional 3-5 Engineers and Scientists over the next 6-9 months to support in-house verification testing, usability validation, contract sterilization testing, biological safety assessments, and reprocessing and material compatibility validation. “While Regulatory, Quality, and Clinical are Core Service areas, it’s been hard to stay in our Regulatory-Quality ‘box,’” relayed Stephanie. “So, we knew it was just a matter of time. With the growing need – and Client requests – for Medical Device Engineers with strong FDA Design Controls and QSR experience, the time is now. We’re thrilled to be back in Product Development.”